My First Google App Engine Application.

Yesterday night , Suddenly i got a idea to check the Google App engine. i checked Google App Engine and found that it support only Python and Java. As a Microsoft programmer i am new to both the language ,Then i thought of learning Python. I downloaded the Python 3 and install on my windows XP and started my first application “hello world”

here is code for my application

def hello():
nam = input ('Enter your name');
print 'Hello ',nam;

after i run the code in Python shell. I was excited.

Now i try to play around with Google App Engine . i downloaded the Google App Engine SDK for Windows from here. . And after that i downloaded sample code and hosted it on Google Appengine . It;s easy to Hosted in App Engine . will write a Another post on how install App Engine SDK and Host a website.

Here is my First application on


connect to a csv file using odbc

This is one of my Most Visited Post So i am Publishing this again . Connecting to CSV file in C#
. Here is some sample C# code that works with CSV files using ODBC (using System.Data.Odbc):

string strConn = @"Driver={Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv)};" +

OdbcConnection objCSV = new OdbcConnection(strConn);

OdbcCommand oCmd = new OdbcCommand("select column1,column2 " +
OdbcDataReader oDR = oCmd.ExecuteReader();

while (
// Do something
catch {}

Use the name of the CSV file in the SQL Statement itself, as in the code above. It will read the CSV file

If you have any queries on connectionstring . visit


I am Back


After a long gap i am back with my website and blog . My old Hosting guy gisol had cheated me and i lost all my data’s. So sorry friends i had missed it. Now i had moved on to reliable hosting provider Rackspace. My Experience with rackspace is good .so i had selected them.

Will keep you posting on daily basis from now