CRM 2013 Sub-grid user experience for new record creation

We have an odd design choice in CRM 2013 with the new sub-grid design. By default, when you add a new 1: N sub-grid to a form to display a custom entity you will get the following user experience.  The user clicks the + icon to add a new child record via the sub-grid:


CRM reveals a lookup control to allow the user to browse for an existing record:


If user want to add a new record, the user clicks the + button and the lookup appears. They don’t want to search for a record but the only thing they can do to move forward is click on the magnifying glass, this executes a search and reveals the lookup control’s search results:


There is however a new “+ New’ button for user, so user need to press that. That gets where user want to be, popping the create form so user can create my new child record:


Saving that new record automatically closes the form and refreshes the parent form revealing new child record in the sub-grid:



I want to change the default behavior.  Now I used Ribbon Workbench and call up the Ribbon definition for my entity.  I right-click on the “Add Existing” and select Hide Button:


Ribbon Workbench is showing me 2 buttons, I am going to hide both. Then I publish the change:


Now the Behavior changed.

Here’s the user experience now…

The user clicks the + button:


And up pops up for create form:


It’s a supported way, we are just changing only the Ribbon button