Delete a Team project from Visual studio online

Today i was trying to clean up my . I saw lot of un used project was created. I was thinking to delete the project. here are Steps to delete the team project from

Step 1 : Login to your “” website.
Step 2: Click on the settings Icon on the top bar . As shown below
Settings Icon

Step 3: It will open a new page as shown below . Click on “View the collection administration page

Control page
Step 4: Now You will see all your project List . Right-Click on the project you want to delete . You will see a delete button click on that . As shown below

Delete Pic

Step 5: You will get the Popup for confirmation. Once you confirm the project will be deleted, You will not cannot able to store it back

Confirmation window

Please comment me if you have any question. I am happy to help you


Improve the single page visitor

Yesterday when i was looking at my website data i found most of the my visitor are single page visitor. Who came down to my 2 post one is for SQL server and another to Jquery page. Both the posts ranked well in the google. Now my problem is how to convert this visitor to see other posts ? .

Here is what i am planning to convert the visitor

1) Given the link to other corresponding pages in that post
2) Written couple of continues post for that topics

These will increase the visitor. will update the post again in another one month


Back again

Today my friend karthi told me how my blog was useful to him and his team on the project. I was really happy. I stopped updating my blog regularly because of poor response of visitor, today when he said that I was really happy and plan to update my blog on regular basis because I sometime it will help others.

Thanks karthi for positive response and I am starting to write again


Google Analytics Premium

Today Google had released the google analytics premium account with the price band of $150,000 per year, i was really shocked on the price band, no idea how many enterprise customer will go for it. In general google analytics premium account we have some nice stuff like

  • Run sql query aganist your data
  • Client will owns the data
  • 24/7 support
  • 50 custom variables

Here is the GA account comparison

google account comparison chart

Because of the data Data ownership may be most of the enterprise company can look to move to GA permium account

Competition is healthy for any industry to grow and progress, but Google appears to be doing this all by itself in the field of web analytics.

will write a another post tomorrow on drawback in free GA account


WordPress iphone application

Today when I was checking in App store for games I found the wordpress iPhone application I just install it to check after install i am really surprise to see it features, cool application . This is my first post from the wordpress iphone app.
More to come . Thanks wordpress community.


I am Back


After a long gap i am back with my website and blog . My old Hosting guy gisol had cheated me and i lost all my data’s. So sorry friends i had missed it. Now i had moved on to reliable hosting provider Rackspace. My Experience with rackspace is good .so i had selected them.

Will keep you posting on daily basis from now