Solving Facebook tshirt spam

Today when I was looking into my facebook wall I found most of my friends was posting the free facebook tshirt. When I ask them they told it was spam. When I try to debug further on the spam i found the problem. They did it in smart way. actually they ask for your name and facebook upload email Id, facebook gives you a unique email Id to upload the status via email address to your facebook account these guys use that upload email Id and update your status with that spam message.

To solve this go to and you can see a email Id saying upload via email . Look for find more below the upload email id. Click that and it will open a popup, in that look for refresh the upload email id and click that your unique email Id will change.


Let me know if you have any issue. If you like the post just like me in facebook


Install Cassandra 0.8.5 in windows 7

Today i was exploring Nosql option and found Cassandra 0.8.5. you can download the latest version from here. After Download Follow the Below steps

Step 1: Download Java JDK also from here
Step 2 : Install the JDK
Step 3 : Unzip the Cassandra file to some location in your local drive (D:dev)
step 4 : Go to “D:devapache-cassandra-0.8.5conf” . Open the file “cassandra.yaml” in a notepad and change the following :
Change /var/lib/cassandra/data to D:devapache-cassandra-0.8.5data
Change /var/lib/cassandra/commitlog to D:devapache-cassandra-0.8.5commitlog
Change /var/lib/cassandra/saved_caches to D:devapache-cassandra-0.8.5saved_caches

Save the file after that

Step 5: Now for everything to work correctly, you need to update the JAVA_HOME and CASSANDRA_HOME system variables. To this, we need to follow this:

Click the Start Menu
Right click Computer
Click Properties (this opens the Control Panel in the System and Security > System view)
Click Advanced system settings on the left side (this opens the System Properties dialog in the Advanced tab)
Click the Environment Variables button (this opens Environment Variables dialog)
Under the System variablesgroup:
Click New… (This opens the New System Variable dialog)
Input JAVA_HOME for the Variable name text box
Input the path to your java installation for the Variable value text box (I entered C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0)
Click OK
Under the System variablesgroup:
Click New… (This opens the New System Variable dialog)
Input CASSANDRA_HOME for the Variable name text box
Input the path to your Cassandra extraction for the Variable value text box (I entered D:devapache-cassandra-0.8.5)
Click OK
Click OK
Click OK
Close the Control Panel

Now you should be able to start up and run Cassandra. for that go to “D:devapache-cassandra-0.8.5bin” and double click on cassandra.bat .

If any clarification, just post a comment


Update two tables from different database

Yesterday i had some tables to move from database1 to database2. I just moved the tables using SQL Export command. After that i had modify some columns in the table in the database1 and now i want to get the old value for a particular column in the table.

So was thinking what to do, then i found i have a primary key column in the table, I used a single update query and updated the data using database name with “..”.

Here is the query

update database1..table1 set column1= (select column1 from database2..table1 where primarykeycolumn=
database1..table1.primarykeycolumn) from database1..table1

This query worked in sql server, Not sure on the other database’s


Piwik 1.2 released

Thanks to Matt and team for the piwik 1.2 released . they had Released some cool features in this 1.2 version
some important features in this release
1) segmentation for API.
2) first party cookie
3) Archive became faster now 🙂
4) Event tracking
5) SetcustomURL function

These are some of the feature . Here is the changelog for this release Piwik 1.2 Changelog


Improve Alexa ranking

Two days back me and my friend Sreenath was discussing on Alexa ranking for the website. I was wondering how it’s working and I made research on Internet. Couple of blog had mention to install Alexa toolbar and it will increase the page ranking I DID NOT BELIEVED IT , Still thought of giving a try

To my surprise my blog page ranking was 16997077 before installing the toolbar . With in one day it came across to11477099. Really surprise on this . When I did further research on this . I found that toolbar is sending the data to Alexa website on What your browsing
I was thinking to build some tool similar to this to capture data . Let’s see


WordPress iphone application

Today when I was checking in App store for games I found the wordpress iPhone application I just install it to check after install i am really surprise to see it features, cool application . This is my first post from the wordpress iphone app.
More to come . Thanks wordpress community.


Jquery calendar Startdate and enddate validation

Yesterday i got some problem , i had 2 text box Start date and end date and i used Jquery calendar to get the date. well now my problem is
1) user should not select date greater than today
2) end date should not less then start date
3) start date should not greater than end date.

I was breaking my head for that at last i found the solution . Here is the code

var date = new Date();
var dates = $("#txtFrom, #txtTo").datepicker({
dateFormat: "mm/dd/yy",
firstDay: 1,
showWeek: true,
maxDate: new Date(date.getFullYear(), date.getMonth(), date.getDate()),
onSelect: function (selectedDate) {
var option = == "txtFrom" ? "minDate" : "maxDate",
instance = $(this).data("datepicker");
date = $.datepicker.parseDate(
instance.settings.dateFormat ||
selectedDate, instance.settings);
dates.not(this).datepicker("option", option, date);

In the txtfrom , txtto is the textbox id.

Hope this will help you guys, If any help needed on this Just comment .