Improve the single page visitor

Yesterday when i was looking at my website data i found most of the my visitor are single page visitor. Who came down to my 2 post one is for SQL server and another to Jquery page. Both the posts ranked well in the google. Now my problem is how to convert this visitor to see other posts ? .

Here is what i am planning to convert the visitor

1) Given the link to other corresponding pages in that post
2) Written couple of continues post for that topics

These will increase the visitor. will update the post again in another one month


Steps to check website and Sql performance

Hi all,
It’s been very long time since i updated my blog.  i am really sorry for that. Well coming to the topic. I was working for one of our entrprise customer. We have web analytics data close to 90GB.  we are building another application to displaying the data, so i need to migrate the data to new database.

Intially when we started our migration it takes almost 6 days for one month data. I was wondering what to da. Then i followed the below mention steps and it come down to 3 Hours for one month.

1 check for each query execution time and also the subtree cost.  to get subtree cost include execution steps from the top bar in management studio. When sub tree cost is more sql server uses full 100% cpu time and memory.
2 created the index for each table.  while creating index make sure you create index for all where condition combination.
3 use temp table instead of union all query. Because i combine almost 60 table in single query. So instead of union all i used temp table to get the data
4 remove unnessary column in the select statement

Once you follow this points. It  will increase the website and sql performance

If any questions just mail me or add a comment


Google Analytics Sub Domain Tracking

Today I had an issue For one of our customer. They had implemented the Google analytics tracking code in their website and they have so many sub domain which they want to track in main domain GA profile Id. They had implemented the Ga code properly and also used _gaq.push([‘_setDomainName’, ”]);, but the problem is the sub domain is still capture as new visit.

when I check the problem it simple they forget to change the subdomains option in the GA profile settings page. it need to be like this

Ga Profile Settings

After I changed this also it was not working. because they had added “.”(dot) before the domain. For example if you want to capture the sub domain for we need to set it like this

_gaq.push([‘_setDomainName’, ‘‘]);


_gaq.push([‘_setDomainName’, ‘‘]);

I used GA debugger chrome extension to debug this. it’s really nice tool.You can download it from here


Google Analytics Premium

Today Google had released the google analytics premium account with the price band of $150,000 per year, i was really shocked on the price band, no idea how many enterprise customer will go for it. In general google analytics premium account we have some nice stuff like

  • Run sql query aganist your data
  • Client will owns the data
  • 24/7 support
  • 50 custom variables

Here is the GA account comparison

google account comparison chart

Because of the data Data ownership may be most of the enterprise company can look to move to GA permium account

Competition is healthy for any industry to grow and progress, but Google appears to be doing this all by itself in the field of web analytics.

will write a another post tomorrow on drawback in free GA account


Google Analytics Keyword problem

Today i found some strange problem in my google analytics account. when i was looking for last 1 year keyword report, i got almost 300 keyword, in that last 2 keywords has visits of Zero (0) . How this can possible ??. i was further investigating the problem. attached the screenshot of the problem.

Google Analytics problem

If anyone know the reason reply me..