Social Media Marketing is Effective?

I support SMM(Social media marketing) for long time.But no-one carries for it :(. Social media marketing really a good way to market you brand and also the ROI is huge in it.. Have a look at the Infographics created by MDG Advertising. Nice one

Infographic: The ROI of Social Media
Infographic by MDG Advertising


Google Analytics Keyword problem

Today i found some strange problem in my google analytics account. when i was looking for last 1 year keyword report, i got almost 300 keyword, in that last 2 keywords has visits of Zero (0) . How this can possible ??. i was further investigating the problem. attached the screenshot of the problem.

Google Analytics problem

If anyone know the reason reply me..


Tweets Seo Tips

I was thinking last couple of days to write on this .. Here are my views on the tweets seo tips

1) Tweet regularly but don’t post in bulk which could annoy followers. An interval of 2-3 hours between tweets throughout the day is good.
2) Use #hashtags regularly & carefully.
3) Use the first word in your tweet because they are used by search engines to rank your tweets too.
4) Tweet within 120 characters so that your followers can easily retweet them using RT @YourHandle in the remaining 20 characters.
5) Include Twitter plugin in your website using which tweeple can spread your word.
6) Try posting same tweets with alternative keywords and hashtags as you are not perfectly sure which ones could bring you traffic.
7) Retweet others’ tweets within the same domain which could randomly bring back people to your tweet and ultimately your blog or website.
8) Create a proper Twitter list so user can follow your list and spread it
9) Look in which timezone majority of your followers are. Post more tweets in their time

I guess i had covered all the tips. If anything more just post a comment


Update two tables from different database

Yesterday i had some tables to move from database1 to database2. I just moved the tables using SQL Export command. After that i had modify some columns in the table in the database1 and now i want to get the old value for a particular column in the table.

So was thinking what to do, then i found i have a primary key column in the table, I used a single update query and updated the data using database name with “..”.

Here is the query

update database1..table1 set column1= (select column1 from database2..table1 where primarykeycolumn=
database1..table1.primarykeycolumn) from database1..table1

This query worked in sql server, Not sure on the other database’s


Piwik 1.2 released

Thanks to Matt and team for the piwik 1.2 released . they had Released some cool features in this 1.2 version
some important features in this release
1) segmentation for API.
2) first party cookie
3) Archive became faster now 🙂
4) Event tracking
5) SetcustomURL function

These are some of the feature . Here is the changelog for this release Piwik 1.2 Changelog


Improve Alexa ranking

Two days back me and my friend Sreenath was discussing on Alexa ranking for the website. I was wondering how it’s working and I made research on Internet. Couple of blog had mention to install Alexa toolbar and it will increase the page ranking I DID NOT BELIEVED IT , Still thought of giving a try

To my surprise my blog page ranking was 16997077 before installing the toolbar . With in one day it came across to11477099. Really surprise on this . When I did further research on this . I found that toolbar is sending the data to Alexa website on What your browsing
I was thinking to build some tool similar to this to capture data . Let’s see


WordPress iphone application

Today when I was checking in App store for games I found the wordpress iPhone application I just install it to check after install i am really surprise to see it features, cool application . This is my first post from the wordpress iphone app.
More to come . Thanks wordpress community.