Hello world for Azure using Visual studio 2008

Yesterday Suddenly i was thinking about Azure.Then i thought to explore Azure to see how to deploy the Application and just went through the Web and got some useful site and deployed my First Hello World Azure application.. Here is the URL.

Well i just used Vs 2008 and installed the Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 1.1 . you can download it herehttp://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=5664019e-6860-4c33-9843-4eb40b297ab6&displaylang=en . You need Windows Vista or above and Vs 2008 Sp1 to installed this. In Windows XP it does not worked.

After Installed. One the Visual studio you can see the Template in the New project Called “Cloud” and select the “Windows Azure cloud service”

After that you can see the 4 more option. if you want to have asp.net website then select the “Asp.Net Web Role” .

For Wcf select the “Wcf Service web role”.

After that do your coding in the WebRole project that we created. Once things are done. Just Build and run the application, But it will do a local deploy in our machine.. and so it will take sometime to execute.

Once this is done, Then we need to publish the Application in Azure. which i will show that in my Next post

Any queries write back to me


My First Google App Engine Application.

Yesterday night , Suddenly i got a idea to check the Google App engine. i checked Google App Engine and found that it support only Python and Java. As a Microsoft programmer i am new to both the language ,Then i thought of learning Python. I downloaded the Python 3 and install on my windows XP and started my first application “hello world”

here is code for my application

def hello():
nam = input ('Enter your name');
print 'Hello ',nam;

after i run the code in Python shell. I was excited.

Now i try to play around with Google App Engine . i downloaded the Google App Engine SDK for Windows from here. . And after that i downloaded sample code and hosted it on Google Appengine . It;s easy to Hosted in App Engine . will write a Another post on how install App Engine SDK and Host a website.

Here is my First application on http://elam.appspot.com/


connect to a csv file using odbc

This is one of my Most Visited Post So i am Publishing this again . Connecting to CSV file in C#
. Here is some sample C# code that works with CSV files using ODBC (using System.Data.Odbc):

string strConn = @"Driver={Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; *.csv)};" +

OdbcConnection objCSV = new OdbcConnection(strConn);

OdbcCommand oCmd = new OdbcCommand("select column1,column2 " +
OdbcDataReader oDR = oCmd.ExecuteReader();

while (oDR.read())
// Do something
catch {}

Use the name of the CSV file in the SQL Statement itself, as in the code above. It will read the CSV file

If you have any queries on connectionstring . visit www.connectionstrings.com


I am Back


After a long gap i am back with my website and blog . My old Hosting guy gisol had cheated me and i lost all my data’s. So sorry friends i had missed it. Now i had moved on to reliable hosting provider Rackspace. My Experience with rackspace is good .so i had selected them.

Will keep you posting on daily basis from now