Facebook f8 features

First my impression on the features they had released is WOW. Actually couple was week back I was thinking “what I was doing last year same day”. Try to find that in facebook I try scroll my wall to find but could not find it because of the amount of status msg I had, now this timeline feature solve this out. What a feature it is. I got a developer preview for testing and had a look at it it’s cool to use. Will post my preview image later tomorrow.Video upload and music , nice one to have on facebook . Next is new open graph it is awesome we can have so many things now. Will write an another post on this by this week end and I love the insights for the app, every Analytics guy will love it. They can do a separate analysis for apps alone

Will write an another post in details by tomorrow

Facebook rocks


Solving Facebook tshirt spam

Today when I was looking into my facebook wall I found most of my friends was posting the free facebook tshirt. When I ask them they told it was spam. When I try to debug further on the spam i found the problem. They did it in smart way. actually they ask for your name and facebook upload email Id, facebook gives you a unique email Id to upload the status via email address to your facebook account these guys use that upload email Id and update your status with that spam message.

To solve this go to http://facebook.com/mobile and you can see a email Id saying upload via email . Look for find more below the upload email id. Click that and it will open a popup, in that look for refresh the upload email id and click that your unique email Id will change.


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